4 Reasons to Speak with an Attorney After an Accident

accident attorney

Whether you’ve been in an accident recently, or someone you know has, keep in mind the value an attorney brings to resolving your situation. While it’s not impossible to navigate the murky waters of civil law without a knowledgeable professional on your side, things will be far easier, far less stressful, and far less likely to go awry if you do speak with an attorney. Here are four reasons to consider hiring an Albuquerque personal injury and accident attorney:

  1. To determine if you have viable a case
    It’s the most obvious reason to talk to an attorney after an auto accident, but it bears repeating. What seems like an unfortunate incident, may in fact be the fault of someone else. Speaking with an attorney and having a professional look over the facts might reveal something quite surprising.
  2. To protect yourself against blame
    In the same way you might uncover a wrongdoing in your case, someone else might decide to place the blame on your shoulders — whether the true or not. By speaking with an attorney, you can learn what you should and shouldn’t be saying and doing to safeguard yourself against malicious attacks.
  3. To ensure a speedy resolution
    If you decide to tackle civil courts unaided, you likely face a far slower, more arduous process than you otherwise would. Working with an attorney skilled in negotiation and swift resolution of civil trials will help immensely to secure you the funds you need to put things back together, ideally before debts pile up and wreak havoc on your life.
  4. To preempt future issues
    You may seem to have come out of your accident unharmed and ready to continue life, but if a problem arises down the line, you’ll be in a far worse situation if you’ve never spoken with an attorney. Make sure facts are established, responsibility is apportioned, and your future is secured — just in case.

If you’re convinced and ready to speak with an accident attorney in Albuquerque about your situation, give us a call or send us a message via the contact form on our site so we may help.