Attorney Standards

Standard: “Set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value or quality.”


By “skilled,” I mean: You are an articulate and clear thinker, speaker and writer, driven to engage in dialogue and debate in advocating our client’s truth. You are fierce, strong, and wise in the zealous pursuit of the interests of our client. Diligence, persistence, creativity and intelligence guide you in winning the case. Organization, patience and thoughtful attention guide you in revealing the truth to all parties. You grow in aptitude, attitude, intelligence and confidence. The greater good depends on your bold and righteous stand for the injured, against the abuse of power. Your profession is your calling.

You are able to show a prospective client how we are the best choice in hiring a lawyer. You wisely guide the development of the claim through investigation of liability and documentation of damages. You professionally and effectively communicate with, and delegate to, support staff. You confirm the organization of the file and all case management tools. You effectively negotiate resolution of the claim with the adjuster. You effectively and economically litigate the case toward trial if necessary. Depositions and motions practice are pragmatic, professional and effective. You are prompt and thorough in resolving through mediation. Trial is an option that helps leverage negotiation. You hone your trial skills in appropriate, cases, winning substantial justice for our client.


You measure your performance by client satisfaction and financial results. You are able to accomplish all steps and goals in the advocacy of a client’s case, from initial intake, to investigation of liability, to counseling in treatment, to gathering medical records and bills, to the negotiation of a claim, to advancement in litigation, to successful advocacy at mediation, to substantial verdict at trial. Each step increases the claim’s value, and your effectiveness as a lawyer. You are confident in your skill and content with your results, and our office is content as well. Your achievements are ever attaining new heights.

You sign up new clients.

You send demands out within one month of MMI.

You negotiate resolution within two months of demand.

You file complaints within one month of adjuster roadblock.

You schedule trial within two months of answer.

You effectively and timely depose witnesses in a way that sets up high leverage, or verdict.

You write winning, effective and economical motions that set up high leverage, and verdict.

You prepare thorough, comprehensive but simple mediation binders that compel high settlement.

You quickly accomplish disbursement.

You take cases to trial and win.


Your honesty is impeccable and unquestioned. Capable of withstanding criticism, you are unafraid to reveal mistakes large and small, and as a result grow from those mistakes. You confront difficult questions and issues head on with tact and skill. Inching forward our client’s cause takes 100% fervor for 100% truth. Personal interests such as monetary gain, professional acclaim or other favor do not improperly influence your professionalism or your zeal.

You explain the potential weaknesses in a claim to new clients in a way that is helpful and truthful, but does not cause concern or confusion. You examine and explain potential weaknesses in a case in evaluation. You tell the staff what you need and want. You communicate your position clearly and persuasively to the adjuster, without anger or temper. You help other attorneys and ask other attorneys for help. You are unafraid to admit weakness or insufficient knowledge in key areas, and are willing to work to overcome these insufficiencies.

In so doing, your credibility in the law grows immensely.

You strive to improve.

You are confident in your abilities and your intent.


You are motivated to attain financial prosperity and stability. You have worthy, realistic and high goals in what you will earn from your cases. Your finances are personal, and you keep them organized and on track. The firm’s growth and success depend on your growth and success. You use your financial success for good, practical and fun purposes. Money is not happiness. Money enables the achievement of happy and noble activities and lifestyle.

You earn enough to pay for your needs and to save for spending and for retirement. You bring in attorney fees as described in Attorney “RESULTS / OUTCOMES.” You motivate yourself to bring in more than this.

You balance work with leisure, family and friends.

You are charitable in your attention and intent.


You are an expert in your field. With years of experience as a trial lawyer, you have learned enough to take a case to trial and win. Eager to learn and develop all the skills of an effective trial lawyer, your ambition, vision and determination exceed the minutia. Each step in your growth becomes a bullet in your belt, and when you pull your guns, you speak with the authority of experience and skill. In several short years you will be teaching CLEs in your expertise.

You note everything learned in winning and losing.

You take CLEs often. They provide you an opportunity to listen to experts in different areas, with different angles.

You engage in arbitrations and other opportunities to develop and grow your voice and your style.

You become an engaging and engaged leader in your profession and community.

You help hone the firm’s skills, systems and overall strategy for success, and in turn advance your entrepreneurial, legal, financial and professional interests.

You are an experienced and successful trial lawyer.