$4 Million

after a drunk driving collision

that caused fractures of the skull, spine, pelvis, ribs; traumatic brain injury (TBI); and a ruptured spleen.

$2.5 Million

Wrongful Death Verdict

Wrongful death of motorcyclist by pickup truck driver.

$2 Million

for a drunk driving accident

victim who suffered a fractured ankle and dislocated heel.

$1.6 Million


Wrongful death of hospital patient for failure to treat bedsores.

$1.5 Million

for a teenage driver’s accident

that caused fractures of the hips, legs, arms and back.

$1.375 Million

for a car accident victim

who was also victimized by the insurance company’s bad faith.



Failure to treat stroke victim in hospital.


for a worker

hit by a construction truck.


after an avoidable medical error

caused a collapsed lung.



Collision by reckless driver.