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Bert Gives Back Parnall Law Albuquerque Community Involvement

At Parnall Law Firm, LLC, we cherish our local community, and believe it’s imperative that we all do what we can to make it better.

Nothing matters more to us than Albuquerque and the beautiful state of New Mexico. It’s where our families work and go to school, where our friends catch up and build businesses, where children learn and grow and become the adults that keep our community strong. It’s up to us to give back so that those that come after us can enjoy many of the same wonderful, culturally rich and academic experiences that helped make us who we are today. From national to local, we are dedicated to enriching our community one organization, business, or school at a time.

Our goal is to build this list to great heights, and we hope you join us!


MADDRoadrunner Food Bank
YMCANM Bio Park Society
Meals on WheelsPopejoy
Albuquerque High School
Jefferson Middle School